This page was last updated on November 11, 2016
Alliance of Latinos and Jews
Connecting People, Connecting Communities
Since 1994

Our Mission
To build new and enhance existing relations between the Jewish and Latino communities by focusing on issues of common concern:  business and  economic development, policy/civic, and social and cultural affairs.
Since 1994 we have pursued our mission building strong, meaningful and enduring relationships between our communities. With our encouragement other cities have embraced our strategy to connect their communities. Many of our people came from leadership roles in local and national organizations. As a result we inspired many of those organizations to do efforts similar to ours in connecting Latinos and Jews with a peer-to-peer strategy. 

Having accomplished the dreams we set as our goals, the Alliance of Latinos and Jews recognizes the exceptional efforts now underway by several organizations with talented lay leaders and professional staffs. Our spark ignited these initiatives locally and nationally, which continue to pursue the mission we started 22 years ago. Accordingly, we have decided to bring the Alliance of Latinos and Jews to a end, officially closing our doors as of December 31, 2016. 

The Alliance of Latinos and Jews thanks the many people from each of our communities for their support, interest and participation in our activities over all these years. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!